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Passion is powerful…

Nothing was ever achieved without it,

And nothing can take its place.

No matter what you face in life,

If you passion is great enough…

You will find the strength to succeed.

Without passion, life has no meaning.

So, put your heart, mind and soul…

Into even your smallest acts.

This is the essence of passion.

This is the secret to life!

Thank you again for visiting Light Life and Lens.

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My greatest passions are my faith, my photography, light, life, nature, the ocean and, most especially, my wonderful and amazing family. Hopefully you’ll see these passions reflected in the images throughout this body of work.

For the first 12 years of my professional life, I had the joy and privilege of being an advertising and magazine photographer. My work involved considerable travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth – along with the opportunity to meet some of the great people who have shaped our world politically, socially, societally, musically, artistically and more!

You’ll notice in the “Galleries” page the “Awesome Interiors” and “Advertising and Corporate” collections. Shooting mostly large format (4x5 & 8x10 formats), I had the privilege of photographing some of the most beautiful spaces and places to be found anywhere – designed and created by some of the most renowned interior designers and architects in the world. These images have appeared in countless publications, books and annual reports around the world – in addition to ads and brochures for such corporate clients as Ethan Allen Furniture, Marriott, Westinghouse, Sony, Delta Airlines, Four Seasons Hotels, and more.

Looking at the images presented here, you’ll hopefully notice my love and passion for dramatic lighting. My clients often shared their appreciation for the chiaroscuro lighting in my images. Plain and simple – whether spending hours creating dramatically lit large sets on location (my specialty) or photographing nature both above and below the water – I love the textures, shapes, forms and drama great lighting brings!

The images featured here, in addition to the more than 25,000 in my files, are available for publication, advertising and even use as personal artwork. For the sake of delivering the highest quality images for your intended use, please contact me to coordinate the optimal format, image file size and, of course, pricing.

In addition, although I make my living in the corporate world of real estate investment banking, I am available for select assignments and private photography instruction. I love teaching underwater and nature photography and relish the opportunity to work with photographers seeking to improve their craft. As a U.S. Coast Guard captain and PADI scuba instructor, I particularly enjoy doing charters through the Bahamas and Caribbean (esp. the BVIs) with photography being a wonderfully fun part of the trip! Exploring photography with kindred spirits who share a strong passion for great lighting and life is as good as it gets!

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