What’s in a Name

Thank you for visiting Light, Life and Lens!  

Hopefully you’ll find as much joy exploring these image galleries as I’ve had sharing them with you.  

Light… such an incredible gift to the world – critical to creating and sustaining life.  And Jesus – the “Light of the World” – the greatest love gift of all – given for all of us!    

Life – in all of its amazing forms – an unbelievable blessing for us to appreciate and cherish.  Our families, friends, the ocean, wildlife, the natural world, the creativity & ingenuity of man – all a miracle for us to celebrate!  

Lens – Thankfully, our Lord wired into my DNA a sensitivity and appreciation for the wonder & beauty of Light and Life – along with the ability to capture them with my camera.  Through this wonderful blessing of photography, you are welcome to explore the beauty, joy and passion to be found in Light & Life as seen thru my camera Lens.  Hopefully these images will be a light in your life, too, and a reminder of all the wonderful blessings He gives us each day!  

Blessings my friend!    

Karl Francetic / SDG  ©️2017

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